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Method For Astral Projection

   How to do astral projection for beginners, some people are asking what benefits do it do we have with astral projection.  By learning this simple technique you will be able to take on a new experience. there are so many things that you can learn by doing astral projection you can speak to your spiritual guides, visit people in different locations .there is so many things that you can do because there is no limit once you are free from your physical body, you can experience so many things.

 you can get guidance from your spiritual guides and what you need to do in this lifetime you can even visit past lives that you may have had to learn why are you here and what is your life purpose so don't underestimate astral projection. better known as astral travel because it can help you in so many ways.  you cannot experience this if you are fearful or if you are overly excited because that will cause you no astral project or astral travel and even if you get very close to doing it will cause it to stop or end. Now people say is it safe to do stuff like that and really it's the safe thing to do you are connected to your astral body only thing that separates you from your astral body is death. it's not like doing this would cause you to die that's not the case . so now that fear and worry of other worries let's move on to the simple technique on how to do astral traveling. so here we go one of the most important things about doing an Astral projection is staying calm people you have to stay calm, you have to stay peaceful because any type of anxiety, fear, worry you will not accomplish the task so what you can do .you can do meditation you can sit in quiet and peace you could do some breathing techniques whatever it is you need to do to relax .yourself you're not gonna have the cat running around on the dog running around all the kids running around you. may want to do this when no one is at home okay when you have some peace and quiet because any little bit of disturbance it's going to not cause it to happen.

so now the first thing have to do is you're going to relax now. you can do it sitting or you can do it lying most people do astral projection while lying down now you're going to lie down and you're gonna focus on your breath and you're going to breathe in and breathe out and you're gonna be still now for this technique. it's the Rope technique you're going to focus on an object in your house most likely on the ceiling maybe sometimes you got a little spot on the ceiling or a dot on the ceiling. you want to focus on that image so you're going to look at that dot on the ceiling whatever it is you focusing on now  there to actually keep your attention on that spot what I want youto do is that you're going to stare at that spot you're gonna stare at it inyour bed now the lighting the lights are not going to be totally off you mighthave a dimmer you might have one of those night lights or whatever it isit's not gonna be totally dark it's going to be dim okay and you're gonna focus on that spot without moving so like you're staring at the wall staringat the spot on the ceiling you're gonna actually stare at it and breathe and berelaxed and you're not gonna move the whole purpose is kind of like foolingyour body into thinking that you are sleep okay this is a natural processpeople it's just that you're not supposed to be awake while this is goingon so you're going to stay still and you're going to focus on the ceiling nowwhat I'm telling you to do is then close your eyes and still imagine that spot that you're looking at as you stand as you lie there you're going to startfeeling sensations in your body you might feel your feet tingle your handstingle but you're not going to move again this could be a sign that the bodyis making sure you are a sleep or getting ready to go into the process of going to sleep because you remember when you're asleep you dream the only thingthat's stopping you from reacting to your dream is that your body goesthrough a sleep paralysis so you're gonna feel tingling and all of the little things might be running through your body but I advise you to stayfocused and concentrate on having this out-of-body experience sonow the next thing you're gonna do as you start getting more drowsier anddrowsier you might notice a vibration.

 your body vibrating that means your every close to where you need to be when your body starts vibrating it then may stop and you might hear a pop at that point. you want to still imagine your arm coming out of your body and grabbing that rope with your other hand you're gonna reach out and you're going to grab that rope as if you're gonna pull yourself out now. this is where you can do two things once you feel that rope and try to pull yourself, out you can then relax and bring your arms back down and give you a chance to realize what you just did then you can repeat the whole process of whatyou might vibrate a little more but do not fear ifyou keep going you will then notice that you are weightless you're free you'refloating and you'll turn around and you'll look at yourself and notice youstill sleep it is unbelievable because you really don't know what's goingor until you turn around and you look at yourself and know that until you realizeuntil you realize that you're still in the bed .any reaction will cause you to go back could you remember you're still attached to your human body youare still attached there's nothing that can break that now while you out of yourbody whatever you imagine it is so if you imagine yourself being over the Grand Canyon you will be if you imagineyourself in a second being at your mom's house you will be but again any littlething can bring you back in to your physical body as you get used to this itwould become easier and easier to do and I'm telling you you can meet yourspiritual guides you can get information whatever the intent is that you want to do astral projection 

you just set that intent before you start the process and you just know that it is possible now again you can either pull yourself out the first time or you can just try it and then try it the second time .the same night or you can just get used to it and try it over a couple of nights but the whole thing does not rush .it do not get overly anxious to accomplish it because it will not work. you might want to get those crystals put them in a bag and then actually put them under your pillow. whatever it is to get you to relax you're gonna lie in the bed you're gonna focus on a point once you focus on that point you're going to lose your eyes and continue focusing on that point but through your mind and you're gonna be in darkness because your eyes are gonna be closed but you're gonna imagine whatever it is once you stop feeling the tingling sensations in your arms and your feet or vibration you're then gonna imagine a rope thick rope strong rope and you're gonna actually imagine yourself grabbing that rope pulling yourself out now you can do it all in one shot or you can relax and try it again so that you don't get yourself overly excited and so that it works once you are out of your body.