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What Happens In Coma?

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Is 5G Really Dangerous?

So what's really going on with 5g? Is it going to cook our brains and kill us? How dangerous is 5g? To start, fear of new technologies is nothing new, especially when they play an immediate impact on our day to day life. In the late 1800s cities around the world began to install electric street lighting. While many cities already enjoyed the benefit of gas lamps, these were expensive to maintain, generally only covered small areas of major cities, and actually did have an element of danger since gas is, you know, explosive. 
Electric lamps however were cheap and could be turned on and off with the switch of a single button. No longer would lamp lighters need to spend hours each evening going around the city lighting individual lamps one by one. The new electric light technology promised to make our growing cities well lit and keep people safe while out at night- and not just in the rich neighborhoods were gas lighting was popular. While street lights are ubiquitous across any moder…

The effects of Asteriod on Dinosaur's Extinction

The science is more complicated than what we have been told. First, let's take a look at the story we've heard, and why we're so sure that an asteroid impact was a big part of the dinosaurs not existing anymore.
It was a really bad day. Sometime around 66 million years ago, a giant asteroid about the size of Manhattancareened into Earth. It smashed into the ocean on the shores of what we now think of as theGulf of Mexico and caused lasting damage to the planet. The energy of the impact itself vaporized every living thing within a day's walk. Then huge chunks of the meteorite that had been thrown up into the atmosphere started raining back down as molten glass. The ensuing cloud of ash and dust that was vaulted into the atmosphere obscured the sun for decades, creating a dim, cold climate plagued by acid rain and firestorms.
For most of us, that collision has become a kind of shorthand explanation for why the dinosaurs disappeared, and because we associate steroids with e…

Who Came First? The chicken Or The Egg?

What is the universe made of? What happened before there was a universe? How can we be sure we exist in the real world and not inside a computer simulation? Science has long been asking difficult questions, exploring the furthest depths of the cosmos and probing the tiniest bits of matter for the answers- yet no question is more important, or more confounding to all humanity than the classic conundrum: which came first, the chicken or the egg? 
At first view the question is a logic circle, meaning that it has no real answer because one perpetually comes before the other which perpetually comes before that which came before it. Did we lose you there? It's like this- they both became before each other because a chicken came from an egg which came from a chicken which came from an egg, etc. etc. into eternity. It's the kind of question with no real answer and one that might send the very first militarized AI into logical inception fit and kill us all. 
Evolution though does tell us…

Best Ways to Get One's Brain to Focus

A few years ago, I began to observe something in my own behavior that made me a bit uncomfortable. And that was that from the moment that I woke up to the end of the day, my life was a series of screens. I started the day with the thing that woke me up first thing in the morning, my phone, and so I sat there in bed watching various cooking videos on Instagram and bouncing around between a bunch of different applications. But then it was time to get out of bed and cook breakfast, and so the thing that I focused then on, in addition to the omelet in the pan, was the iPad that was right next to the oven. And then it was time to do some work, and so I went to a different screen which was attached to another screen itself. 
All the while, this little devil on my wrist was tapping and beeping and blooping and distracting me as I was trying to get important stuff done. But there was one particular offender out of all of these different devices that I wasted more time than anything else. That …

How To Study More Efficiently?

You have a test coming up and you should be studying. While we’re at it, we may as well go into depth and cover the science behind learning to better understand how to absorb information, not just memorize. How do we learn and what are the mechanisms of action that lead to a new level of understanding? 
What we’re about to explain to you is powerful information so we suggest you use it wisely and don’t abuse it! In the late 1800s, Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov, was studying salivation in dogs in response to food when he discovered something utterly unique for the time. He had already predicted that his dogs would salivate in response to being given food. That was a given! But what Pavlov did not anticipate was that his dogs would salivate just from the sound of the footsteps of someone delivering the food. That’s when he had the idea to measure salvation from stimuli associated with food, not just the food itself. With this, the concept of classical conditioning was born. 
The ring…

The Invisible Galaxies

You know what a planet is, right? You’re sitting on one at this moment in time. It’s Earth, your home. We are the third rock from the sun. The first is Mercury, ‘cos he’s closest to that energy giver, the Sun. Our family is called the Solar System. The planets, dust, rocks, moons, asteroids, are all in this family. But that’s just one Sun, and it is part of what you could call an extended family, which is called a galaxy. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way, which is kind of cute.
 It consists of maybe 200 – 400 billion stars and maybe perhaps in the region of 800 billion planets. Some planets are star-less, orphans, and they are called rogue planets. We apologize if you are now groaning and saying, “C’mon, everyone knows that,” but if you didn’t know and we told you Today's story it wouldn’t really make any sense. You might have been surprised to hear that we said there are maybe 200 – 400 billion stars in our galaxy and maybe 100 – 200billion galaxies altogether in the entire uni…

What Is Intelligence?

 We think of intelligence as a trait like height or strength, but when we try to define it, things get fuzzy. In a nutshell, intelligence is a mechanism to solve problems.
 Especially the problem of staying alive, which involves finding food and shelter, fighting sexual competitors, or fleeing from predators. Intelligence is not a single thing; it includes the ability to gather knowledge, to learn, be creative, form strategies, or engage in critical thinking. It manifests itself in a huge variety of behaviors. From hardwired or instinct like reactions to different degrees of learning to some sort of awareness. But not all scientists agree where it begins or what even should count as intelligence. To make this even more complicated, intelligence is also connected to consciousness since awareness is helpful for problem-solving.
 The most basic tools in the intelligence toolbox are the ability to gather information, save it, and to use it to learn. Information about the world is gathered t…

Mobile Radiation And It's Effect

So what is this radiation actually? It is radio frequency (RF) waves When your phone uses  3G, 4G, or makes calls, It communicates with the cell phone towers through RF waves. Radiofrequency waves are a type of electromagnetic wave. To understand this, we have to refer back to our class 12's physics book. If you remember, chapter 8 was electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are produced by the vibrations of the electric field and magnetic field. This is a type of energy propagation. It takes energy from one place to another.
 It is seen occurring naturally as well as artificially in many places. The best example of electromagnetic waves is light. Light is an EM wave! If you remember the EM spectrum, it is a way to classify various EM waves based on their frequency and wavelength The waves that have the longest wavelength are radio waves, ranging from a few meters to a few kilometers. Then are the microwaves with a wavelength of a few centimeters. Your microwave has microwaves…

OnePlus Nord Features Explained

The Oneplus Nord has officially been revealed and I'll be sharing the details right after this. So we finally have the official reveal of the Oneplus Nord so that we now know its full specs design and launch date, unlike most other leaks.
We have though a lot of this information that came from Oneplus directly. If you're going to be purchasing the Oneplus Nord or is there another phone you have your eye on but this time around we've had so much information I don't even know where to start carl pei showed us the Oneplus Nord himself we had a full spec sheet leaked full camera details pre-orders opening up and news the Oneplus buds are launching alongside the Oneplus Nord. First up we've got the Oneplus buds launching alongside the Oneplus Nord. Oneplus have provided headphones in the past such as the bullets but the Oneplus buds are more of a truly wireless experience but they do look very similar to AirPods well they are a bit late to the market with these. Don't…